Civil Action with Brian & Shant

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July 8, 2020  

53. Arbitration Cases

July 8, 2020

Brian and Shant discuss Unconscionability and the Unenforceability of Arbitration Agreements; the Inability to Arbitrate PAGA Claims; and Reviewing Arbitration Awards—Vacatur of Award


Dougherty v. Roseville Heritage (5th DCA)

Substantive Unconscionability and a Provision Limiting Elder Abuse Remedies in An Elder Abuse Case


Dennison v. Rosland Capital (2nd DCA)

How Lack of Mutuality is Unconscionable


Brooks v. AmeriHome Mortgage (6th DCA)

The Inability to Arbitrate PAGA Claims


VVA-Two LLC v. Impact Development Group (2nd DCA)

Reviewing Arbitration Awards and Vacatur